State of Illinois FY2018 Recommended Operating Budget: Analysis and Recommendations


May 09, 2017

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The Civic Federation’s Institute for Illinois’ Fiscal Sustainability not able to support Governor Rauner’s recommended FY2018 budget because it has an operating deficit of at least $4.6 billion, presents an insufficiently detailed plan for closing the gap and does not address Illinois’ massive backlog of bills.

In addition to analyzing the recommended budget, the report examines the costs of the ongoing impasse and the irreparable harm caused to our State’s most vulnerable. The Federation calls on the Governor and General Assembly to end the unacceptable stalemate and to reject any attempt to pass standalone K-12 spending, payment of non-emergency workers or any piecemeal approach that impedes progress on a comprehensive plan.

The Civic Federation presented its comprehensive multi-year plan for the State of Illinois in February when it released its State budget roadmap for FY2018. Spending controls are at the center of the Federation’s plan, but significantly more revenue is needed to help reduce the deficit in FY2017 and close the gap in FY2018 without drastically changing the scope of State government.

Illinois' Fiscal Year begins July 1, 2017 and ends June 30, 2018.

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