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The Institute’s mission is to improve the state’s decision-making process by providing timely fiscal policy analysis and recommendations to state officials, the media and the public through education and digital outreach.

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The unfunded liability of the State of Illinois’ five retirement systems totaled $133.7 billion at the end of FY201…
The Civic Federation
Blog tracks the two-year-long progress of the bill that would make it easier for the State of IL to sell the Thomps…



Nearly two years after it was filed in the Illinois General Assembly, a bill making it easier for the State to sell the James R. Thompson Center has finally landed on the Governor’s desk.

In the meantime, one session of the legislature has ended and a new one has begun. Governor Bruce...


During this decade of financial difficulties, the State of Illinois’ backlog of unpaid bills has become an important indicator of its fiscal condition, relied on by policymakers, rating agencies, taxpayers and journalists. Now two different ways of measuring the backlog have begun to diverge....

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