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Alana Warren

Senior Research Associate
Civic Federation

Alana Warren joined the Civic Federation as a Senior Research Associate in April 2021, working to research and analyze various policies affecting the state budget. In May 2020, Alana earned a Master’s in Public Policy from Loyola University Chicago. In graduate school, Alana worked for Loyola University Chicago as a mentor to undergraduate students receiving academic funds through the federal government. She has also worked at the American Library Association as an advocate for librarians continuing their education in library collections and technical services.

Alana has experience interning for several political offices that include former Alderman Joe Moore of the 49th Ward, various state representatives in the Tennessee General Assembly and former Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri. Alana’s interest in policy began when she interned with the Immigration Law Project at Legal Services of Eastern Missouri. While there, Alana researched, collected and analyzed data on immigrants within various St. Louis municipalities to organize programs associated with helping immigrant victims of domestic violence.

Alana is an advocate for inclusivity, diversity and equity and displays this by regularly volunteering at community outreach events. She has a strong passion for education and health care policy. Alana holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English with a minor in Political Science from Tennessee State University.